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Business Health Can Be Achieved By Controlling Your Attitude

I have always believed that highly successful entrepreneurs recognize the strong connection between their mind, thoughts and attitudes and business achievement. (I use this tactic every day in my consulting business; I think I am reasonably successful)

To obtain another professional opinion on this issue I recently spoke with Gary Lockwood a veteran CEO business coach of 30 years and former chair with Vistage International, the industry leader in the CEO peer group advisory market.

A summary of my conversation with Gary is as follows:

Q: Gary, what is your take on this?

A: Gene, in my 25 years as  a CEO coach I have observed and interacted  with many successful entrepreneurs, with few exceptions  those who were  successful and happy have  intentionally developed and maintained  a positive attitude.

Q: Ok sounds good Gary but how do successful entrepreneurs develop and maintain that positive attitude you’re talking about?

A: First they know what is important. They have carefully determined what counts in their business and personal life. For example, for their business they have clearly articulated values relating to customer service, employee relationships, cash flow, productivity, image and growth.

Q: Why is this significant?

A: Business values help CEO’s stay focused on the right things. The changes in the market and amount of information are staggering.  Good CEOs recognize they can’t do everything and as such they focus on a few things that they can do very well. Knowing that they are working on the right things creates a positive attitude in their minds.

Q: What else do they do to maintain a positive attitude?

A: It may sound funny but successful CEOs talk to themselves. Research has shown that the things you say to yourself influence your feelings, your attitudes and your behavior.

Q: So cut out the negative self-talk?

A: Exactly.

Q: What else do they do to develop and maintain a positive attitude?

A: They are careful about the people they hang around with. The world is filled with people who will readily tell you “that it can’t be done” or “you’ll never make it.” Successful CEOs surround themselves with supporters. Good supporters help CEOs with contingency plans.

Q: Anything else?

A: Two more things.  First, successful CEOs maintain a positive attitude by feeding off their progress. At the end of day, they don’t bemoan the difficulties or things they didn’t do but praise themselves for what they did do and actually write it down.  Secondly, they take charge of the quality of their lives. They watch their health, engage in personal development and work at maintaining strong relationships with their spouse, family and friends.

So there you have it. If you are not quite as successful of a CEO as you would like to be, maybe your attitude needs a makeover. Gary Lockwood has outlined how to do it and the rest is up to you.

If you would like to connect with Gary to see what his attitude is like, he can be reached at or 951-642-9576.

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