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The first step to getting the business loan that you need is having a detailed plan in place. This uniquely crafted plan includes indentifying the amount of funding your business needs, the loan type you will need, and proof of your ability to repay the loan which all lenders will want to see prior to approval.



Once we have a comprehensive plan in place that outlines your funding needs we get to work placing your loan with the lender that has the most advantageous terms for your business. Unlike “brokers” we are not compensated by lenders so we place all loans with only your best interest in mind.



Getting a business loan is great, but the most tricky part is understanding and abiding by the covenants that are a part of your loan. If at any point you are in breach of any of these covenants your loan could be called. It is for this reason we help monitor your business after the loan funds to avoid pitfalls.



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Let’s be honest. Trying to source affordable business loans on your own is a big hassle and risky in today’s crazy lending environment. Lender’s loan approval criteria is hard to understand. The industry is littered with sales reps whose primary objective is not to do what is best for you and your business but to earn a big, fat commission. These truths makes it very hard to trust lenders and the organizations they represent.

Since you are not a professional money raiser, more often than not the precious time and money you invest in “loan hunting” rarely produces optimal results and more importantly it takes you away from your most important activity…. managing your business.

If you are serious about saving time, money, energy and acquiring the “right loan” for your business you need a different approach… a strategic one!

Eugene E. Valdez, a senior commercial banker for over 30 years, AKA The Loan Doctor, has a proven 3 step process that will quickly get your business the “right loan” at the “right interest rate” allowing you to use that money to accomplish your most important business goals.

8-10 page written business plans that outline information about the business owner, the business, the new loan request, the loan benefits and financial projections demonstrating loan repayment ability.
Direct placement of loans uniquely identified in the loan acquisition strategic plan. The potential lenders could include but not be limited to, conventional bank lenders, SBA lenders, asset based lenders, factors, equipment lenders, commercial real estate lenders, micro lenders and import/export lenders.
Once a month face to face client meetings usually 90 minutes in length. These “financial checkups” are used to ensure that business owners are in compliance with all of the financial ratios, covenants and financial reporting required by their commercial lender. Borrowers who are non-compliant run the risk of their lender cancelling or “calling in” their loans.
A comprehensive review of the terms and conditions of an existing lending relationship and written recommendations on how to improve.

“Gene Valdez negotiated a great banking package for my company. My final deal had no covenants or financial statement requirements, my line of credit had a three year maturity and he saved me more than $5,000 in loan fees. The fees he charged for his services were well worth it. I would use him again if I have issues with my bank or need more expansion capital.”

Greg Harsen • Paramount Machine Company


Eugene Valdez became known as the Loan Doctor after helping countless Southern Calfornia based businesses get funding they were previously denied.

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We do not simply act as a loan broker that leaves as soon as the loan funds, we act as a resource to help keep you out of trouble once you get funded.

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Our longstanding reputation in the business world comes from our ability to deliver on our business funding promises and the high standars we hold ourselves to.


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