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The Loan Doctor's Program Consists of Three Steps:

We Consult

Step 1

Pre-Loan Consulting

This step involves an analysis of company financials and discussions about your company goals and general loan needs. 

We Write

Step 2

Writing of Business Plan

This, up to 10 page, document is written in a format that is "Bank Friendly". It includes but is not limited to information about a CEO's business model, Industry trends, and Value proposition. This unique plan identifies the size and type of loan a CEO needs and provides proof of a CEO's business ability to repay the loan requested. 

We Place

Step 3

Once the comprehensive plan has been completed we place your loan with the lender that has the most advantageous terms and conditions. Unlike "brokers" we are not compensated by lenders so we place all loans with only your best interest in mind. 

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