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The Loan Doctor and Associates, Inc. DBA The Loan Doctor was founded by Eugene E. Valdez, President & CEO in 2016. The company is a full service banking and finance consulting company whose target market are CEOs of privately owned businesses primarily located in the Inland Empire. 

Prior to 2016 Mr. Valdez was a commercial banker for over 38 years holding senior lending positions with such banks as Bank of California, Wells Fargo, Community Bank and Citizens Business Bank. His specialty was serving the needs of privately owned businesses with annual sales of $250,000 to $50,000,000.

While in commercial banking Mr. Valdez developed an acute sense of how the "money game" really works, a process that most CEOs today are not familiar with. It is this "insider's view" which is the foundation of his company and which is the greatest value he and his staff shares with their clients. 

Mr. Valdez earned his MBA from USC and his BA from UCLA. In his spare time he is a part time professor at Oak Valley College in Colton, CA. He teaches strategic planning, entrepreneurship and business finance. 

  • What do you offer and what do I benefit by hiring you?
    I offer a variety of business loan consulting services consisting of an upfront “lendabilty analysis”, written business loan acquisition plans, loan placements, post loan lender mandated ratio monitoring and general lender negotiations. Each of these services will help you obtain and keep the loans your business needs to operate smoothly or expand, without you having to spend your precious time money and energy looking for the money yourself.
  • Are you a loan broker?
    No, I am a consultant who is an expert on all aspects of business loans as I outlined above. Loan brokers are not capable of providing the scope of services I provide as they do not have my credentials which consists of hands on experience, (35 years as a commercial banker) and education, (MBA, Finance). Further most loan brokers are paid commissions FROM THE LENDER THAT THEY SELECT WHICH FUNDS YOUR LOAN. To me that is a conflict of interest, and as such my clients pay me for a funded loan, never the lender.
  • How do you get paid?
    It depends on what the client’s needs. For a “pre loan “lendablity analysis” or post loan meetings for lender ratio compliance or bank negotiations, I charge an hourly rate. To write a business loan acquisition plan, I charge a flat fee. If I successfully place a loan, I charge an “all or nothing “success fee, meaning if the loan does not fund I earn a zero fee.
  • What if I am not happy with your services?
    I guarantee all my work. If my clients are not 100% satisfied with the quality of my work I will refund 100% of their money, no questions asked. I do not operate on long term contracts; they are always month to month.
  • If I hire you how will it take for you to obtain a loan for my business?
    It depends on three factors: what is your current level of “lendability”, what size of loan are we seeking and what kind of loan are we seeking. Generally, complex and larger loans take longer to fund. An average time period would be 4-8 weeks.
  • Instead of using you why don't I apply for a business loan directly with an online lender?
    Rates are too high and the loan size & type you select might not be the “correct” loan for your unique business. In the loan business “one size does not fit all”.
  • Why do you call yourself "The Loan Doctor"?"
    My approach in serving my clients is analogous to what a medical doctor does for his/her patients. First I make a “diagnosis” of business client’s current financial health or “lendability”. Then I “prescribe” the appropriate remedies (medicine) to make my business clients healthier or more lendable. As stated, these remedies could include, hourly consulting, a written business loan acquisition plan and a subsequent loan placement with the “right lender’. Then I meet with my clients once a month for “fiscal checkups” to ensure that my recommending remedies, (medicine) are producing the healthy business results my clients are seeking.
  • What if I just want to obtain some general loan information without making a committment?
    Easy. I offer all prospective new business clients a 30 minute complimentary phone session. Call me direct at 909-230-0024.
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