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Street Smart Training For the Young Entrepreneur

Whether you are a high school senior, college student, or young adult with a dream of independence and the drive to do something unique, this program is ideal for you.

Are you an aspiring business owner or a creative individual looking to build something special with your talents?

Even if you are just a curious onlooker and want to know how businesses are created and you are unsure whether this is a good path to financial independence, this program is a good fit for you.

What if you could receive direct one-on-one mentoring from a current business owner, business coach, or college business professor? What if your idea got noticed by outsiders who cared about your success?

What if you could work within a small environment of peers and be trained in the skills that

would help lead you to succeed?

In this faced-paced training you will receive all this and more! Receive 12 weeks of instruction for only $95. Visit to sign up or learn more.

All training is “LIVE” so you are able to have your specific questions address by Professor Valdez and his guest professionals.

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